Web Hosting & Domains

by Dennis Volz

Sources for Web Hosting & Domains

To make an income online, you simply MUST have a website. It is non negotiable. Sure, some people claim you can use PPC traffic to affiliate link to someone else’s sales page, well for every 1 person you can show me who makes money like that, i can show you 99 who don’t. Personally, I don’t like those odds.

Here’s some of the best on the internet.


GoDaddy is probably one of the most familiar names on the internet.  Their Super Bowl commercials are legendary.  They are the best source to get multiple domain names.   (If you only want a single domain for now, see BlueHost below)  Most internet marketers have multiple domain names and it’s suggested that if you get Whatever.com, you should also get the .net, .biz and .org.   Pricing is better in bulk.

While most people get their URL’s at GoDaddy, many will choose to host their website at another provider.  GoDaddy’s hosting can be complicated at times and their interface can get a little confusing.  While the URL management is pretty straightforward for things such as email and redirects, the hosting is expensive and complicated.

My advice is get your URL’s there and host at one of the recommendations below.



ViralHosts is not just a free hosting service, it is also a list builder, traffic generator and website creator! The biggest ‘problems’ are solved with one service…

Not only can you host your domain(s) with them, but you can also use their point and click templates to get your site up live and hosted with a few simple clicks! If you don’t have your own domain name, that isn’t a worry either, they will give you a sub domain to use!

ViralHosts gives you a free, simple way to start branding yourself online, generating opt-ins and promoting your… or other people’s offers!

“Imagine Powerful FREE Hosting That Pays You & at The Same Time Builds Your List To Ensure a Viral Explosion of Your Business & Profits… All In One Place!”

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Bluehost is a lesser known and probably one of the better values on the internet.  They offer superior customer support and their entry level offer allows for both unlimited space and unlimited domains at $6.95/mo.  Additionally, with your sign up at BlueHost you get a free domain name.

Bluehost also has an automatic WordPress Installer that will get your WordPress Blog up and running in minutes.  Whether you just want to get started with a WordPress or a hosted website, it’s a great place to go.

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Host Gator is by far one of the most popular hosting sites on the web.

Their entry-level offer allows for unlimited space but only one domain.  At the writing of this the entry-level pricing is $4.95/month.  For $7.95/month you get unlimited space and unlimited domains.

Host Gator also has a user-friendly, automatic WordPress installation tool.  You can have your hosted WordPress blog up and running in minutes!

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Just Host is UK based company with offices in Connecticut and Australia.

Their entry-level offer allows for unlimited space and a FREE lifetime domain.  At the writing of this the entry-level pricing is $3.45/month.  Here’s a list of their guarantees.  Impressive!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
If Just Host fails to provide the promised 99.9% uptime, we will credit your account with a month’s hosting costs, as we guarantee an impressive minimum network uptime of 99.9%.

Money Back Guarantee
Your satisfaction or your money back! If you decide to cancel your account at anytime Just Host will refund you for the remainder of your term.

Real People
We guarantee that you will be able to reach us and speak with a real human being, someone who speaks English and can answer your questions, fix your problems and help you resolve your issues

24/7 Phone & Email Support
And when you do contact us, we’ll answer your email quickly (e-mail response times generally are under 20 minutes) and pick up the phone quickly (our average hold time is under 3 minutes).

Just Host also has a further feature that’s included with every Just Host account.  An entire script library totally free!  Fantastico can automatically install any of the long list of leading scripts for you which includes WordPress, osCommerce, phpBB and Joomla.

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